Poster Ideas

These are some several digital drafts of my poster for my film production 'Conditional Love'. Some of the elements are superimposed images taken from Google whilst other elements have been created using Adobe Photoshop. These posters continue to be a working progress with them being basic ideas. I hope to influence these ideas as well as input more ideas and elements into my final draft.
All of the superimposed elements that have been used do not have any copyright infringements.
As the course progresses, I hope to add more drafts before submitting my final draft to the examiner as well as posting the result on the blog.
I would like to add images of the characters that are edited to appear as
if they are slightly faded in the white background or portions of the red tone.
I would like to replace the cartoon/animated characters with shots from actual actors.
I really like the idea of the superimposed silhouette of the couple arguing and hope
to use this idea as well as the contrast in element brightness to show the difference
in moods, i.e.; the use of low lighting to create a darker mood.
Although this is not the final photograph that I wish to include in this element, I hope to continue this idea onto my final poster draft because I believe that the crack in the photograph is enigmatic in that it exploits a specific character relationship. In this case, this once happy couple may not be anymore. This is an enigma code that I hope to achieve in my poster with my actors being shot in this position previously then their photo will be superimposed into a photo frame. The crack is an effect found on Google which I superimposed as a layer on top of the photograph to create the impression of smashed glass.
This is an idea which I have created during the last few lessons in class. The black effect in the background is to represent the inside of a plastic black bag. This representation allows the consumer to assume that all of these loving gifts have been thrown away as rubbish. This representation, particularly the photo, suggests to the audience that this young couple are not as happy as they use to be. I would like to continue using this idea but make a few adjustments such as make some of the elements darker and change the font.  

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