Factors of Media Representation


This is a still image that captures the girls’ dancing in the video.
In Britney Spears’ music video for ‘Work It B***’ (November 2013), women are represented as having lower respect in the social class than men and that their sole aim is to please the man and create the male gaze. This is represented in a number of ways. Britney Spears and the dancers are wearing barely any clothes to flatter their figures and to please the male eye. They also dance provocative moves which represent women as the gender who are the most sexually suggestive. The video is completely ironic when compared with the song’s lyrics because the content of the lyrics express female empowerment and it tells women that in order to have success in life, they have to work hard. When you compare that ethic to this video, it completely turns that ethic on its head and suggests that a woman only needs to flaunt and wear barely any clothes in order to bag a man.
The action thriller Escape Plan (2013 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone) has main characters that are countertypes of the older generation. People stereotype elderly people as being frail, weak and not being able to take part in a lot of physical activity. However, Stallone (who is 67) and Schwarzenegger (who is 66) have characteristics that are the complete opposite to stereotypical traits. As the film progresses, the pair perform a lot of intense stunt work during fight scenes and as the two actors are in their 60s, this shows the audience that not all old people are weak and cannot do the most basic of tasks without
keeling over in agony or breaking a hip.

This is a still image of a scene that occurred during the London Riots.
In this picture that was captured by an editor from The Guardian’s website, the 2011 London riots are represented as being a violent affair that is caused by masked hooligans. This does not represent the full picture of the London riots and the image has been carefully chosen by the press to represent the event as being a disgusting perception on British culture and society. This picture does not represent the reasons why the riots occurred in the first place so it lets people assume that the riots were just an excuse for people to damage properties and to destroy shops, not because of a death that horrified the hooligans involved.


This advert from Clarks is advertising the range of shoes that are available in its new collection from sports shoes to smart shoes and stilettos. One of the models is disabled. This advert is a positive representation of the disabled society as it shows that disabled people are just the same as everyone else. This representation gives a positive, friendly impression of the company and it encourages people to visit their stores and buy products from the shop.
This is the front cover of Playstation 2’s version of Final Fantasy XII (2006).

Released in 2006, all of Final Fantasy XII’s characters are white. This is evident in the game’s front cover. This is a representation of white people, without causing offence, the dominating race. Even though the game was released during the twenty first century when segregation and prejudice against black people is looked down upon by society, the cover still fails to illustrate society’s perception of racial equality. It is as if the producers of the game are assuming that gamers do not think that playing a black character is cool.

On the British political panel show, Mock the Week, there is a section or a round that most of the contestants take part in where they are given a particular topic and they have a minute to prove that their topic is the funniest in order to receive points for their team. On the eleventh episode of series 5, comedian Michael McIntyre was given the topic ‘The North and South divide’ to talk about. His discussion of this topic represents Northern people as being less articulate when they talk when compared with people from the South (where McIntyre is from). His representation of Northern people, although quite comical, could have been taken as an offence towards that part of society because he creates this perception that they are quite slow and retarded in the way that they speak.

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