Narrative Structure

This is a photo-story of today's events:
  1. Woke up but it was way too early for me so I wasn't exactly pleased to get up.
  2. To kill time (and in attempt to wake self up), I browsed on Facebook on my iPod.
  3. [GOT MIXED UP WITH NUMBER 4] Walked to school in pouring rain.
  4. During free lessons, I listened to music whilst 'doing work'.
  5. A lesson was cancelled (much to my disappointment).
  6. A double Media lesson!
  7. Walked home, still damp like earlier.
  8. Tried to play on my xbox but got 'red ring'... I was not happy.
  9. Had McDonalds for tea.
  10. Watched Bridget Jones in an attempt to cheer me up after earlier.
  11. Fell asleep during work. 
What aspects of the narrative have you selected and why?
I picked aspects of the day that jumped out to me the most in my head because they were more interesting than the things that I would not be able to remember a few days later such as getting dressed and brushing teeth to name a few examples. I also tried to pick aspects of the day that were either humorous or caused me to feel a strong emotion because I think that they would be exciting to include in a storyboard and make the narrative stand out despite it being closely linked to everyday life rather than a fantasy, fictional idea of life.
Is my story linear or does it move with time?
My story is chronological rather than jumping back to and from time (like flashbacks) because it would have been quite hard to create in the format that I have used. I used the jumbled format to make it appear less formal and more fun.
What camera shots have I used and what effects do they create?
For the parts of the day that depressed me (like having to get up early and having the lesson cancelled), I darkened the pictures or used black and white photography to
create a dark, negative mood. Likewise, for the parts of the day that were the best for me I used bright colours to express the positive mood. I used an extreme-close up of the xbox red ring to make the focal area of that particular image clear and precise. I then used a red colour fill effect as red is a connotation of anger and it expressed my thoughts over that aspect of the day.
I used the same photo twice to emphasise that I was feeling the same walking home as I was walking to school. The photo is a long shot of the figure in the picture looking down on the ground. A long shot is used to capture the muggy, damp environment around the person. This environment, although I did not walk on an extravagant street like in the picture, resembles that of the journey that I made today.
The over the shoulder shot in picture 11 captures the room as well as the person watching the TV. This photo allows me to see a perspective of what it is being viewed on TV and this photo just happened to be showing a clip from Bridget Jones' Diary (2001).

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