Sherlock - Why This Appeals To Me

Barely any words able to describe this series. Only 'epic' springs to mind to be fair!

Many fans of the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch (or Cumberb*tches as they call themselves) can surely agree with me when I say that this BBC series - which, due to his incredible success in the UK, has now been embraced by American audiences through PBS - is the pinnacle of his acting career! Through this spawned appearances in other film giants such as Star Trek, War Horse and, of course, The Hobbit.

Even though I will give full credit to Cumberbatch for his incredible portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's popular crime-solving connoisseur, Sherlock Holmes, the reason why this particular series appeals to me is because it is just open to near enough every audience out there! Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffet's adaptation of Doyle's novels not only appeals to those who have read the novels and understand Holme's extreme levels of the deduction of facts from first appearances but this is a modern-day twist of the series that incorporates the setting of 421B Baker Street in the urban hustle and bustle that is London! The script has also been updated to the twenty first century and throws in the occasional witty comment either from Mr Holmes himself or his trusted ally, Dr. John Watson (played by another great British actor, Martin Freeman).

Although Sherlock may be too psychologically straining - and perhaps a bit boring - for younger audiences, these two series are thrilling and contain at least one plot twist in each episode! With the production of the third series officially completed, I strongly recommend catching up with the first two before you consider joining the third.. After all, no spoilers intended here but a major cliffhanger that shocked thousands of fans and sparked an enormous Twitter outroar is the link that fluently leads onto this new series which is set to hit our screens during the next few months!
Left: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
Right: Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson

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