Ideas for Own Movie Posters - Horror

Although we are only early into the course, it's better to start researching earlier than later. So, in terms of inspiration for my own movie poster, I've started to look for posters that include codes and conventions that would fit in the horror genre.
In these selected posters is a recurring pattern: the rule of odds. This photography method really appeals to me because I think that it is an obvious code and convention of the horror genre. Even if the film does not necessarily fit into the horror genre (in this example, Priest is a psychological thriller whilst HP 7 is a fantasy drama), this idea of having only one of the actors in the poster really makes me feel intrigued by its creepy, mysterious atmosphere. I also like the idea of a  black background and low lighting being used, particularly on Ralph Fiennes' character in the Harry Potter poster because it gives his facial features definition and clearly shows his angry facial expression, adding to the film's fear factor. I also like the use of natural light on the Priest poster because this helps the audience's eye level to focus on the foreground of the image: Linus Roache's closed and pessimistic body language. This tells the audience that this character experiences some kind of psychological battle in the film. Therefore, it interests the audience and encourages us to watch that film. The idea of the use of lighting to hide a character's expression (seen in the Dark Skies and Abraham Lincoln posters) is an enigma code and encourages the audience to find out for ourselves about their character and their involvement in the film.

Dark Skies (2013)

 Priest (1994)
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012)

 Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

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